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विकिपिडिया नं
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Hydrogen (other non-metal)
Helium (noble gas)
Lithium (alkali metal)
Beryllium (alkaline earth metal)
Boron (metalloid)
Carbon (other non-metal)
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Zinc (transition metal)
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Strontium (alkaline earth metal)
Yttrium (transition metal)
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Silver (transition metal)
Cadmium (transition metal)
Indium (post-transition metal)
Tin (post-transition metal)
Antimony (metalloid)
Tellurium (metalloid)
Iodine (halogen)
Xenon (noble gas)
Caesium (alkali metal)
Barium (alkaline earth metal)

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Lanthanum (lanthanoid)
Cerium (lanthanoid)
Praseodymium (lanthanoid)
Neodymium (lanthanoid)
Promethium (lanthanoid)
Samarium (lanthanoid)
Europium (lanthanoid)
Gadolinium (lanthanoid)
Terbium (lanthanoid)
Dysprosium (lanthanoid)
Holmium (lanthanoid)
Erbium (lanthanoid)
Thulium (lanthanoid)
Ytterbium (lanthanoid)
Lutetium (lanthanoid)
Hafnium (transition metal)
Tantalum (transition metal)
Tungsten (transition metal)
Rhenium (transition metal)
Osmium (transition metal)
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Astatine (halogen)
Radon (noble gas)
Francium (alkali metal)
Radium (alkaline earth metal)

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Actinium (actinoid)
Thorium (actinoid)
Protactinium (actinoid)
Uranium (actinoid)
Neptunium (actinoid)
Plutonium (actinoid)
Americium (actinoid)
Curium (actinoid)
Berkelium (actinoid)
Californium (actinoid)
Einsteinium (actinoid)
Fermium (actinoid)
Mendelevium (actinoid)
Nobelium (actinoid)
Lawrencium (actinoid)
Rutherfordium (transition metal)
Dubnium (transition metal)
Seaborgium (transition metal)
Bohrium (transition metal)
Hassium (transition metal)
Meitnerium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Darmstadtium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Roentgenium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Copernicium (transition metal)
Ununtrium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Flerovium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Ununpentium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Livermorium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
Ununseptium (expression error: unrecognized punctuation character "३".)
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वचुगु फिक्का ग्रे
साधारण गुण
नां, चिं, ल्या zinc, Zn, ३०
धातुया वर्ग transition metal
ग्रुप, पिरियद, ब्लक १२, d
Standard atomic weight 65.409(4)
Electron configuration [Ar] 3d10 4s2
2, 8, 18, 2
Physical properties
Phase solid
Density (near r.t.) 7.14 g·cm−3
Liquid density at m.p. 6.57 g·cm−3
Melting point 692.68 K, 419.53 °C, 787.15 °F
Boiling point 1180 K, 907 °C, 1665 °F
Heat of fusion 7.32 kJ·mol−1
Heat of vaporization 123.6 kJ·mol−1
Molar heat capacity 25.390 J·mol−1·K−1
Vapor pressure
P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
at T (K) 610 670 750 852 990 (1185)
Atomic properties
Oxidation states 2
(amphoteric oxide)
Electronegativity 1.65 (Pauling scale)
Ionization energies
1st: 906.4 kJ·mol−1
2nd: 1733.3 kJ·mol−1
3rd: 3833 kJ·mol−1
Atomic radius 135 pm
Atomic radius (calc.) 142 pm
Covalent radius 131 pm
Van der Waals radius 139 pm
Crystal structure hexagonal
Zinc has a hexagonal crystal structure
Magnetic ordering diamagnetic
Electrical resistivity (20 °C) 59.0 nΩ·m
Thermal conductivity 116 W·m−1·K−1
Thermal expansion (25 °C) 30.2 µm·m−1·K−1
Speed of sound (thin rod) (r.t.) (rolled) 3850 m·s−1
Young's modulus 108 GPa
Shear modulus 43 GPa
Bulk modulus 70 GPa
Poisson ratio 0.25
Mohs hardness 2.5
Brinell hardness 412 MPa
CAS registry number 7440-66-6
Most stable isotopes
iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP
64Zn 48.6% Zn एलेमेन्ट 34 न्युट्रोन नाप स्टेबल जु
65Zn syn 244.26 d ε - 65Cu
γ 1.1155 -
66Zn 27.9% Zn एलेमेन्ट 36 न्युट्रोन नाप स्टेबल जु
67Zn 4.1% Zn एलेमेन्ट 37 न्युट्रोन नाप स्टेबल जु
68Zn 18.8% Zn एलेमेन्ट 38 न्युट्रोन नाप स्टेबल जु
69Zn syn 56.4 min β 0.906 69Ga
70Zn 0.6% Zn एलेमेन्ट 40 न्युट्रोन नाप स्टेबल जु
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