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This template specifies in a structured form the particulars of a marriage: the names of the spouses, the period of the marriage, and the location of the ceremony where the two were joined. This adds the ability to interoperate with net applications that understand relationships between people and time and place information. For instance, seeing a 1000 foot view of a location of a wedding described in wikipedia article is a single click away. This is possible with Google/Mapquest/Yahoo used directly from wikipedia articles when viewed with a microformats aware browser. Unlike {{coord}}, no intermediate jumps are necessary, and simple text descriptions may be used to describe the location. This is not limited to map applications and it is currently thought that this functionality will be standard in browsers in the 2010 time frame. For step by step information on how to enable this functionality, see instructions here. If the individuals specified in the template consider themselves to be in a marriage as defined in the article Marriage, then this template is applicable.

Usage: The template {{marriage}} would typically be in an infobox, such as in {{Infobox person}}'s spouse field. However, it may be used anywhere in an article.


Parameter Default
(optional) show If present this text is displayed in place of anything else.
(required) 1 Name of the person to whom the subject is married. alias parameter: "spouse"
(required) 2 Date the marriage began. alias parameter: "date"
(optional) 3 Date the marriage was dissolved or one of the spouses died. If not specified and the marriage date is within the last 70 years, then it is assumed to be ongoing and by default, "present" is displayed in place of the end date. Eg: "(1959-present)", but (1859). alias parameter: "end" "present"
(optional) spouse2 Name of the second person that appears in the Marriage description. If omitted, the name of the article is assumed to refer to this person. article name
(optional) Location of the ceremony (optional- a wide variety of location information may be specified in any combination)
(optional) locality1 Catch all specifier for any location. Examples: a building, facility, square, county, mountain, valley. Any geographical area or locality in which the named item is physically located or with which it is associated in some other important way. (also supports locality2 & locality3)
(optional) street-address1 First street address line. (3 lines supported, named street-address2... and so on)
(optional) city town (aliases) Same as locality
(optional) region State, province, department, oblast, or other subnational governmental unit.
(optional) state (alias) Same as region
(optional) province (alias) Same as region
(optional) country-name Country.
(optional) uncertain If set to "y", the location is to be interpreted as "in the vicinity of", rather than to be regarded as a precise point. (Class assigned: "label")
(optional) lat Latitude. Numeric decimal value only, no compass directions. World Geodetic System values. Used for the purpose of exporting geo values as part of the hCard. Users that don't understand why they would want to do that should use {{coord}} instead.
(optional) lon Longitude. Numeric decimal value only, no compass directions

Example usage[सम्पादन]

The typical use of {{marriage}} is to specify a spouse in an article. See: Joseph Needham, spouse parameter:

{{marriage|Lu Gwei-Djen|1989|1991}}
Full dates are supported in any format with standard output as years only
{{marriage|Michelle Obama|October 3, 1992}} produces Michelle Obama (m. १९९२–present) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Michelle Obama to doc" Location: (linkback://new.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Marriage/doc)

Example demonstrating multiple options:

{{marriage|Michelle Obama|October 3, 1992|show=[[Michelle Obama]] <small>(m. 1992)</small>|spouse2=Barack Obama
|street-address1=Trinity United Church of Christ|street-address2=400 W. 95th Street|city=Chicago

produces Michelle Obama (m. 1992) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Michelle Obama to Barack Obama" Location:Trinity United Church of Christ, 400 W. 95th Street, Chicago41°43′19″N 87°38′03″W / 41.7219°N 87.6342°W / 41.7219; -87.6342 (October 3, 1992: Marriage: Michelle Obama to Barack Obama) (linkback://new.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Marriage/doc)