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Template:IMDb title

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IMDb title at the Internet Movie Database

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This is a template to generate links to Internet Movie Database. This template should be used exclusively for TITLES, that is, of movies, TV series, games, etc.

To link a person (actor, actress, etc.), use {{IMDb name}} instead.
To link a tv episode, use {{IMDb episode}} instead.
To link a company, use {{IMDb company}} instead.
To link a character, use {{IMDb character}} instead.


स्वयादिसँ: Wikipedia:External links/Perennial websites
  1. Search on imdb.com for the title you want. On the Wikipedia page of the film concerned this can often be done conveniently with the link produced by previewing {{IMDb title}}. This may not work if the page title is more than just the film title.
  2. Click on the correct link to go to the movie's page (or whatever you're looking for). Be sure you're getting on the correct title page.
  3. The page URL should look like http://www.imdb.com/title/tt#######, where "#######" indicates a number.
  4. Copy ONLY that number (be sure to remove the "tt"[१])
  5. Add to the external links section the text:
{{IMDb title|#######|Title}}
where "#######" is the number you've copied, and "Title" is the title of the movie or show.
  1. (Optional) If you want to add an additional description to distinguish this film/show from another that may be on the same page with the same name, use the following text:
{{IMDb title|#######|Title|Description}}
where "#######" is the number you've copied, "Title" is the title of the movie or show, and "Description" is the description of the show, in parentheses.

There is also the section parameter which can be set to awards to link to the Awards section of the site.


  1. On the page Alpha Dog, preview {{IMDb title}} and search using the link Alpha Dog produced. You'll get to this page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0426883/
  2. Copy "0426883" and then add this number as parameter:
{{IMDb title|0426883}}

The result on the page Alpha Dog is:

Alpha Dog at the Internet Movie Database.

Typically this is a list item in the external links section (even if there is only one link), so you should add "*" in front.

2nd example[सम्पादन]

  1. Searching for the 1993 remake of the TV series "Route 66", you'll get to this page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106117/
  2. Copy "0106117" and then write:
{{IMDb title|0106117|Route 66|(1993)}}

The result is Route 66 (1993) at the Internet Movie Database


For a given link target (or first part of that) the pages from where there are links are found by a link like:


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  1. The leading zeros are not needed but recommended, for Linksearch uniformity is useful.