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  • To include a shortcut, pass a parameter: {{Historical|WP:SHORT}}.
  • To provide a last updated date, use the named paramater "last", i.e. {{Historical|last=1 January 2000}}
  • To provide a briefer form of the text, use {{Historical|brief=yes}}
  • For a former policy, use {{Historical|type=policy}}
  • For a former guideline, use {{Historical|type=guideline}}
  • To provide an explanatory comment, use {{Historical|comment=explanatory text here}}
  • Pages using this template will be placed into Category:Inactive project pages unless the parameter category=no is given: {{Historical|category=no}} (user and user talk pages are not categorized).
  • For related Wikipedia header templates, see Template messages/Wikipedia namespace.
  • Please note that this template is not appropriate for portals, which exist for the purpose of informing readers on a given topic and, as such, can never truly be "inactive".
  • It is also not appropriate for inactive WikiProjects which are dealt with according to the WikiProject Council/Guide; these should be tagged with {{WikiProject status}} or {{WikiProject status}}.

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