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Template documentation

This is the documentation for Template:Country data France. It is automatically generated by Template:Country showdata

Template:Country data France is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others.

This template is within the scope of WikiProject Flag Template, a collaborative effort to maintain flag templates on Wikipedia. A more thorough discussion of the flag template system, including parameters not described here, can be found on the project page.

Please purge the cache after making any changes to this template.

Flag of France.svg

Standard parameters

Parameter name Value Meaning
alias France Main article name (France)
flag alias Flag of France.svg Image name (Image:Flag of France.svg, shown above right)

Flag variants

LabelFlag image (40px)Image name
1790Flag of France (1790-1794).svgFlag of France (1790-1794).svg
1814Flag of the Kingdom of France (1814-1830).svgFlag of the Kingdom of France (1814-1830).svg
navalCivil and Naval Ensign of France.svgCivil and Naval Ensign of France.svg

Military ensigns

This template includes a naval ensign flag variant that can be used with Template:Navy:

  • {{navy|France}} French Navy
  • {{flagicon|France|naval}}Franceया ध्वाँय्‌

Redirect aliases

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):
Alias name{{flag|alias}} output{{flagcountry|alias}} output
FRA (view)Flag of France.svg FRA France

Example usage

  • {{flag|France}}Flag of France.svg France
  • {{flagicon|France}}Franceया ध्वाँय्‌
Using a flag variant
  • {{flag|France|1790}}Flag of France (1790-1794).svg France
  • {{flagicon|France|1790}}Franceया ध्वाँय्‌
Using a redirect alias
  • {{flagicon|FRA}}Franceया ध्वाँय्‌
  • {{flagcountry|FRA}} France
  • {{flag|FRA}}Flag of France.svg FRA

Related templates

Please see the following related country_data templates:

Other information

Country_data templates are also available for many of the administrative divisions of France:

Regions of France

Metropolitan France (22)

Template:Country data Alsace Flag of Alsace.svg Alsace
Template:Country data Aquitaine Flag of Aquitaine.svg Aquitaine
Template:Country data Auvergne Flag of Auvergne.svg Auvergne
Template:Country data Brittany Flag of Brittany.svg Brittany
Template:Country data Burgandy Template:Country data Burgandy
Template:Country data Centre Centre flag.svg Centre
Template:Country data Champagne-Ardenne Champagne-Ardenne flag.svg Champagne-Ardenne
Template:Country data Corsica Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica
Template:Country data Franche-Comté Franche-Comté.svg Franche-Comté
Template:Country data Île-de-France Île-de-France flag.svg Île-de-France
Template:Country data Languedoc-Roussillon Flag of Languedoc-Roussillon2.svg Languedoc-Roussillon
Template:Country data Limousin Limousin flag.svg Limousin
Template:Country data Lorraine Lorraine.svg Lorraine
Template:Country data Lower Normandy Flag of Basse-Normandie.svg Lower Normandy
Template:Country data Midi-Pyrénées Flag of Midi-Pyrénées.svg Midi-Pyrénées
Template:Country data Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nord-Pas-de-Calais flag.svg Nord-Pas de Calais
Template:Country data Pays de la Loire Pays-de-la-Loire flag.svg Pays de la Loire
Template:Country data Picardy Picardie flag.svg Picardy
Template:Country data Poitou-Charentes Poitou-Charentes flag.svg Poitou-Charentes
Template:Country data Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Flag of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.svg Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Template:Country data Rhône-Alpes Flag of Rhône-Alpes.svg Rhône-Alpes
Template:Country data Upper Normandy Haute-Normandie flag.svg Upper Normandy

Overseas regions (5)

Template:Country data French Guiana Flag of France.svg French Guiana French Guianaया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data Guadeloupe Flag of France.svg Guadeloupe Guadeloupeया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data Martinique Flag of France.svg Martinique Martiniqueया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data Réunion Flag of France.svg Réunion
Template:Country data Mayotte Flag of France.svg Mayotte Mayotteया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)

Other Overseas departments and territories of France

Template:Country data French Polynesia Flag of French Polynesia.svg French Polynesia
Template:Country data Saint Barthélemy Flag of France.svg Saint Barthélemy Saint Barthélemyया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data Saint Martin Flag of France.svg Saint Martin
Template:Country data Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag of France.svg Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Pierre and Miquelonया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data Wallis and Futuna Flag of France.svg Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futunaया ध्वाँय्‌ (local variant)
Template:Country data New Caledonia Flag of New Caledonia.svg New Caledonia
Template:Country data French Southern and Antarctic Lands Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.svg French Southern and Antarctic Lands