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These templates convert Julian day to Chinese calendar.

The allowed input date range is from 0004-02-10 (西漢平帝元始四年正月初一) to 2044-01-29.


{{Chinese calendar/cycle}}[सम्पादन]

Convert Julian day to sexagenary cycle number since 2637 BC.

{{Chinese calendar/year}}[सम्पादन]

Convert Julian day to year number in its sexagenary cycle. (0=甲子, 1=乙丑, 2=丙寅, ..., 59=癸亥)

{{Chinese calendar/month}}[सम्पादन]

Convert Julian day to month in year, intercalary months are negative numbered. (1=正月, -1=闰正月, 2=二月, -2=闰二月, ....)

{{Chinese calendar/day}}[सम्पादन]

Convert Julian day to day in month. (1=初一, 2=初二, ..., 29=廿九, 30=三十)


  1. Current date: 年月


  1. 中央研究院計算中心 兩千年中西曆轉換