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Liked the idea[सम्पादन]

I liked this idea of sharing template. Will try to put more templates from hindi wikipedia.


Translation and Machine translation project[सम्पादन]

I suggest all devnagari using wikipedias need to have linked interlinked translation project and a machine translation project.And links of translation projects and machine translation project should be added over to this page. Mahitgar ०५:५५, २१ जुलाई २००९ (UTC)

Please help making image templates machine-readable[सम्पादन]

Hi all,

you are getting this message because Media Viewer has been released, or will soon be released, to your wiki. MediaViewer relies on machine-readable templates to display image information such as description, author or license; other tools will probably follow soon. We need your help in ensuring that local license templates and the local equivalent of commons:Template:Information are machine-readable. The process of marking up templates is described at mw:Multimedia/Media Viewer/Template compatibility. If MediaViewer was not released on this wiki yet, you can enable it for testing under Preferences > Beta features. We are happy to answer any question, but do not have the means to follow each page where this message is sent, so please reply at mw:Talk:Multimedia/Media Viewer or my talk page. Thanks!

(If you are a tool author and interested in using machine-readable template data, check out mw:Extension:CommonsMetadata#Usage.)

--Tgr (WMF) (talk) १८:१२, ४ मे २०१४ (UTC)