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Wikipedians are the people who write and edit articles for Wikipedia. Some people might think that Wikipedist would be a more appropriate name, as an encyclopedist is someone who contributes to an encyclopedia. The ending of Wikipedian, though, suggests being part of a group or community. So in this sense, Wikipedians are people who form The Wikipedia Community.

The number of Wikipedians has grown to more than 1.6 million (1 600 000 — counting registered user accounts), plus an unknown, but quite large, number of unregistered contributors. Detailed statistical information about Wikipedia is available at Wikipedia:Statistics.

The diversity of Wikipedians renders it nearly impossible to make many categorical statements about Wikipedians as a whole. Information about many registered Wikipedians is available on their user pages. However, users are not required to create these pages or post information on them.

You could think of Wikipedians as a global ant colony, except there's no queen, and users choose their own roles. Some Wikipedians welcome newcomers; some Wikipedians award those whom they feel deserve awards. Some upload images; some work on history articles; and still others work on reverting vandalism. Many take on all of these tasks. Whatever you decide to do, every Wikipedian is valuable.

This page contains lists of Wikipedians by country, as well as various other groupings. Different categories have been created due to demand. Individual Wikipedians may add themselves to appropriate lists if they wish. It is suggested that if you put your name on one of the more specific lists, you should also include it on the alphabetical list.

Listing by area of responsibility[सम्पादन]

Some Wikipedians have additional responsibility or authority. Here is a list of functional groups at Wikipedia itself:

In addition there are some groups that serve the entire Wikimedia foundation, including Wikipedians in languages other than English and sister projects such as commons, Wiktionary, and Wikibooks:

Finally there are several key individuals who have special responsibilities unique to them:

  • Jimbo Wales, project founder
  • Danny Wool, deals with most inquries by phone and U.S. mail and coordinates handling of legal complaints
  • Brad Patrick, attorney who volunteers his time to serve Wikipedia
Wikipedians are a colorful group of individuals that enjoy contributing to society by compiling and distributing useful information over the Internet in their ample free time.

Listing by region[सम्पादन]

See Category:Wikipedians and Category:Wikipedians by location for more info.

Please see the new project page at Wikipedia:User categorisation to help!

Other listings[सम्पादन]

All lists are strictly voluntary. We encourage you to spend your time categorising our encyclopedic content, rather than categorising yourself!

Many of these lists are eligible for replacement by categories. Please see Wikipedia:User categorization to help!

Listings on Meta-Wiki[सम्पादन]

Skills-based listings[सम्पादन]

We can all string a few words together (some better than others), but Wikipedia is in need of contributors with other skills. If you are proficient in any of the following skills, please add your technological distinctiveness to the collective.

Wikipedian associations[सम्पादन]

Some Wikipedians have formed voluntary associations to participate in various activities on Wikipedia. Consult their pages if you are interested in joining.

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