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Linus Torvalds

Torvalds in 2002[१]
बूगुLinus Benedict Torvalds
(१९६९-१२-२८) डिसेम्बर २८, १९६९ (उमेर Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "२".)
Helsinki, Finland
थाय्‌बाय्‌Portland, Oregon, United States
राष्ट्रियताFinnish, American (naturalized in 2010)[२]
प्रसिद्धिLinux kernel, Git
ज्या बिम्हLinux Foundation
ज्याSoftware engineer
क्वथापासाTove Torvalds (née Monni)
मां-अबुNils Torvalds (father)
Anna Torvalds (mother)[३]
थःथितिOle Torvalds (grandfather)
जाःथाय्‌torvalds-family.blogspot.com (outdated)


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