विकिपिडिया नं
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Proton quark structure.svg
The quark structure of the proton. (The color assignment of individual quarks is not important, only that all three colors are present.)
वर्गीकरण Baryon
Composition 2 up quarks, 1 down quark
Statistics Fermionic
अन्तरक्रिया Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong
चिं p, p+
, N+
Antiparticle Antiproton
Theorized William Prout (1815)
लूगु तिथि Ernest Rutherford (1917–1919, named by him, 1920)

१.672621777(74)×10−२७ Template:Val/unitswithlink[१]
९३८.272046(21) Template:Val/unitswithlink[१]

१.007276466812(90) Template:Val/unitswithlink[१]
Mean lifetime >२.1×10२९ Template:Val/units (stable)
Electric charge +१ Template:Val/unitswithlink
१.602176565(35)×10−१९ Template:Val/unitswithlink[१]
Charge radius ०.8775(51) Template:Val/unitswithlink[१]
Electric dipole moment <५.4×10−२४ Template:Val/units
Electric polarizability १.20(6)×10−३ Template:Val/units
Magnetic moment

१.410606743(33)×10−२६ Template:Val/units[१]
१.521032210(12)×10−३ Template:Val/units[१]

२.792847356(23) Template:Val/units[१]
Magnetic polarizability १.9(5)×10−४ Template:Val/units
Spin 12
Isospin 12
Parity +1
Condensed I(JP) = 12(12+)

प्रोटोन धाःगु एटमया न्युक्लियसय् दैगु छगू पोजिटिभली चार्ज्ड सबएटमिक पार्टिकल ख।


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