पोलिश-लिथुआनियन कमनवेल्थ

विकिपिडिया नं
Respublica Poloniae (Latin) Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów (Polish)
Abiejų Tautų Respublika (Lithuanian)

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

State union

1569 – 1795
Flag Coat of arms
Royal Banner (c. 1605) Royal Coat of arms
Motto: Latin: Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos (If God is with us, then who is against us)
Pro Fide, Lege et Rege
(Latin: For Faith, Law and King, since 18th century)
म्ये: Gaude Mater Polonia[१]
"Rejoice, oh Mother Poland"
Location of Poland–Lithuania
Location of Poland–Lithuania
The location of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth at its maximum extent
राजधानी Kraków[२] & Vilnius[b]
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King / Grand Duke
 - 1569–1572 Sigismund II Augustus
 - 1764–1795 Stanisław II Augustus
व्यवस्थापिका General Sejm
 - Privy Council Senate
Historical era Early modern period
 - Union established July 1
 - fief of the Ottoman Empire[३] 1672-1676
 - Protectorate of the Russian Empire 1768
 - May 3rd Constitution May 3, 1791
 - 2nd Partition January 23, 1793
 - 3rd Partition October 24
 - 1582 ८१५,००० km2
३१४,६७३ sq mi
 - 1618 १,१५३,४६५ km2
४४५,३५५ sq mi
 - 1582 est. ६,५००,००० 
     जनघनत्व ८ /km² 
२०.७ /sq mi
 - 1618 est. १०,५००,००० 
     जनघनत्व ९.१ /km² 
२३.६ /sq mi
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पोलिश-लिथुआनियन कमनवेल्थ छगु कमनवेल्थ खः।


  1. The anthem became a part of Polish tradition and history, being sung during Coronations of the Polish Monarch, royal marriages, as well as during celebrations like that of the 1683 victory of John III Sobieski in Vienna.
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