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John Logie Baird
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John Logie Baird
बूगु(1888-08-14)14 अगस्ट सन् 1888
Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
मदूगु14 जुन 1946(1946-06-14) (आयु 57)
Bexhill, Sussex, England
समाधि स्थलBaird family grave in Helensburgh Cemetery
थाय्‌बाय्‌Scotland, England
प्रसिद्धिInventor of television, including the first colour television.
शिक्षाLarchfield Academy, Helensburgh
धर्मNone (Agnostic)[१]
क्वथापासाMargaret Albu (m. 1931)
मचाDiana Baird and Malcolm Baird
मां-अबुRev John Baird, Minister, West Kirk, Helensburgh
Jessie Morrison Inglis
Member of the Physical Society (1927)
Member of the Television Society (1927)
Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1937)


  1. R. W. Burns (2000). John Logie Baird, Television Pioneer. IET. “Even Baird's conversion to agnosticism while living at home does not appear to have stimulated a rebuke from the Reverend John Baird. Moreover, Baird was freely allowed to try to persuade others—including visiting clergy—to his beliefs.”