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About font and stuffs[सम्पादन]

Hi there. First of all, the name of the language is Nepalbhasa. Newari is considered vulgar by many puritans. So, I would like to request you to limit the usage of that term in projects, if possible. About font, there is no problem loading Devanagari unicode in most of the computers. I have seen other wikis (Amharic for a very long time) using the added font but am not impressed by the fact that it slows the page loading (which can be a problem in people using wiki in rural settings) and that text rendering is not accurate in some. We might consider using it once we switch to Ranjana or Prachalit unicode (which are still in unicode pipeline). Thanks for all the updates. Cheers!--Eukesh (talk) १६:४६, ३ ज्यानुवरी २०१३ (UTC)