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Hi! I was wondering if you would help us create an entry for "Nonkilling" [१]. The first paragraph would do! --Cgnk १९:२६, ३ जुन २००९ (UTC)

शुभ दिवाली[सम्पादन]

May light triumph over evil! (also edit on Hindi/Sanskrit Wikis) 04:25, 22 October 2006 (UTC)


Hi Eukesh, is this ok, if so, please protect and request logo switch. If not, let me know, best regards --birdy (:> )=| 07:43, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

Re:[२] Hi Eukesh, please forgive me I did cut the bottom. I corrected this, can You please delete the old version Image:Wiki.png so I can upload the corrected one, many thanks in advance, --birdy (:> )=| 09:38, 4 November 2006 (UTC)
Thanks, please empty Your Browser-Cache to see the new one and just message me if there is a problem still, best regards --birdy (:> )=| 10:01, 4 November 2006 (UTC)
Jwajalapā, it is no problem, please delete it again o:) subhāye --birdy (:> )=| 10:22, 4 November 2006 (UTC)
Thanks again, please tell me if it is ok now, best regards --birdy (:> )=| 10:36, 4 November 2006 (UTC)
Thank You very much, that is nice :) Live long and prosper \\// --birdy

(:> )=| 12:14, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

‌HI ![सम्पादन]

Hello! . I was wondering if you could please submit a request to translate to other Wikipedia entries to Wikipedia your own? ... שחר1979 ०८:५२, १० मार्च २०१० (UTC)


Hi Eukesh!

I am very pleased and thankful for your recent intiatives of better coordination among South Asian languages and I'm looking forward to a fruitful colaboration. I want to thank you also for the contributions at Romani Wikipedia and, if possible, I would like to discuss some topics by e-mail. देसीफ्राल 15:47, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

Community and Long Term[सम्पादन]

Hello Eukesh: You have a lot of work ahead of you. Hopefully, Nepalese community will soon realize the potential and support the iniatives. The community would have to translate the interface, deal with the font issues (if there are any), build and grow the community (a slow process), write content etc. You seems to be a good networker, that is definitely a plus.

One thing we realized at taWpedia is that it is not necessary to translate all items. You need the basics of course, but many other items have to evolve from the community itself. Building the language community is the key. It is the fuel for growth. Also, think long term.

Just some thoughts. Good Luck. --Natkeeran 16:37, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

Thank you very much[सम्पादन]

Thank you very much for your incouragement and kind remarks. Aursani at Sindhi Wikipedia 16:46, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

Thank you for your kind apperance in, and nice award like Barnstar. उत्तम सिंह 04:18, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

how many en.wikipedia.org wikipedians are involved in newari?[सम्पादन]

can we have a list of "active" and "dormant" new. wikipedians? 04:31, 7 November 2006 (UTC) Kushal One

the inkeys[सम्पादन]

Hi, Eukesh For the question you asked on wikipedia amharic,there two steps:

  • you need to put on a server a javascript (it is better to put it on wikipedia but is it possible?may be is it necessary to have this discussion with them) wich performs the transformation of the the latin letters.On amharic wikipedia, we use another server.Take a look at translit script.But modifiying in the first lines the table amhaHash={"h":"..",...} to your own inkey mapping var amhaHash={"ka":"क","kha":"ख","ga":"ग",...} you will have a working script.
  • Modify Mediawiki:Monobook.js (you need to be an admin for that) in order to call that script when the user strikes a key.You can take the Mediawiki:Monobook.js we have on amharic to perform the same thing.

I can help you with the scripts but you need

    • admin role on the wikipedia you modify
    • a place where to put the script

Thanks. Hi,

  • I looked in your script , there are some triks i didn't explain.

when you have something like k-->क् and ka -->क you got amhaHash={"k":"क्","क्a":"क",...} it reads --> when i have क् i add a to obtain क.

  • there is a function

function getConversionHash() { if (conversionHash == undefined) { conversionHash = eval("("+amhaHash+")"); maxcyrlength=2; }

return conversionHash; }

you should modify maxcyrlength=2; to maxcyrlength=4; it is the maximum number of char you can have in the table.

With that it should work better.But may be not perfectly yet.Tell me if their are other problems.

Hi, I have worked out the translit file so that it works for davangari. You can get it at translit file.All the chars that begins with k are in the table.You can test with it and if it is OK, expand it with all the other characters.

  • caution: edit the file with a unicode enabled editor , as an utf-8 file
  • beware of " ",the space char.you should delete it everywhere in the amhaHash.

I can finish the work if you give me some time: you can check what if will look like by using the script ahead in your monobook.js.

This is writing without : (Semicolon, बिसर्ग, नेफुति) भाजु इयुकेश ! छिं नेवा भाय् (खँग्व) तसकं हे द्वंका च्वयादिगु जुगुलिं जिं छित पुलां भाय् या सफू ब्वनेत इनाप याना । पुलां भासय् गू १ - गू २ सफू १० दँ न्ह्यँ हे पिदने धुकगु दु, गथेकि- "शुक सप्तरी", "चानकया सार संग्रह" व मे मेगू । जिगु मति थ्व ध्वासा सफू येँ थौं नं न्याये दइ ।

This is writing with : (Semicolon, बिसर्ग, नेफुति) भाजु इयुकेश ! छिं नेवा: भाय् (खँग्व:) तसकं हे द्वंका: च्वया:दिगु जुगुलिं जिं छित: पुलां भाय् या सफू ब्वनेत: इनाप याना । पुलां भासय् गू १ - गू २ सफू १० दँ न्ह्यँ: हे पिदने धुकगु दु, गथेकि- "शुक सप्तरी", "चानकया सार संग्रह" व मे मेगू । जिगु मति थ्व: ध्वासा सफू येँ थौं नं न्याये दइ ।

I have written standard Nepal Language in two different formats with and without(:, Semicolon, बिसर्ग, नेफुति)

corrected file[सम्पादन]

the script is corrected ka for example now gives:



How do I write श?


mr:User:अभय नातू

श and ष्[सम्पादन]

Hi, I have modified the script in order to have: sh-->श् shh-->ष्



Hope that helps.

Thank you for this change[सम्पादन]

Here's one more. In marathi, the half 'r' sound that preceds य is written differently from र्य. It is written approximately as ~य. Examples are on http://www.manogat.com. I do not know what the unicode byte-code of that character is, though I could find out if you'd like. mr:User:अभय नातू Thanks,

    • Hi,

is there a problem with r? As i can't read marathi, i don't understand. Is there a character you want to add? am:User:Tatari

For the Usinghabot[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh, For the Usinghabot you asked on Bishnupriya Manipuri Wiki, you need following:

  1. Get a bot flag from: m:Requests_for_bot_status
  2. Need the Python Wikipediabot Framework, more on m:Interwiki_bot/Getting_started
  3. Please read before Download the Python: m:Python_programming_language
  4. To run a bot, you need some free time, and I suggest you that do not run the bot from any public place; always run from personal computer for safe and security reason.

Please email me, I will send you the script by email.
उत्तम सिंह 18:27, 12 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

translit.js on wikimedia[सम्पादन]

thanks for the information about putting the js script on wikipedia server. Are you aware of a way to put .eot file on the server (embedded font for IE)? I have looked for the information but it seems it not possible to do so.

Thank You - We will definitely explore your suggestions.[सम्पादन]

--Natkeeran 01:30, 17 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

your bot is approved[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,

Congratulation. I just learn that your bot is approved. You may work on it now. Right now I am working on Nepal's Regions, Districts, Zones and maps. You may visit, and suggest me. Few examples following:

Thanks उत्तम सिंह 16:43, 22 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)


Thanks a lot for supporting and reminding the consideration of bot status for Desibot. Still busy with the articles. देसीफ्राल 11:52, 23 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

From BPY wiki[सम्पादन]

Thank you Eukesh for your support. उत्तम सिंह 20:33, 24 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

Multiscripted Wikipediae[सम्पादन]

Great! I wrote to the bureaucrat of Kazakh wiki, to help us (just I saw that when editing it turns to default there, in Cyrillic). Enabling also the Devnagari input, it would get Romani wiki closer to a multiscripted interface. Btw, I saw that at Nepali and Kashmiri wikis the Latin texts are not running into each others as in Nepal Bhasa wiki, do you have idea why this difference? देसीफ्राल 03:11, 25 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

It looks like the user GaiJin from Kazakh wiki did not make an edit there since 3rd December, so we might have to wait a while for a reply (I'm not sure the other admins know English). I tried to add the easy inkey at rmy.wp, but it is not working, although the Monobook looks the same as in other wikis you implemented the feature,. And the tags that have also the texts at .js do not appear since the moment I modified the Media page. Do you know more about it? I simply copied the text, as I saw it was similar at all wikis with easy input. देसीफ्राल 17:33, 29 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)
Thanks for the advice, now it works well. देसीफ्राल 00:47, 30 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

ज्यादा Dual-script Wikipediae[सम्पादन]

There are also dual-script systems on Wikipediae such as the Chinese one and the Serbian one. Please look at these also. Please also see this. On the Chinese Wikipedia they have automatic conversion between different Chinese scripts. I'm not sure if this would work with Kashmiri or Romany, but please look at it anyway. Thank you. --Wolf 09:32 08 ज्यानुवरी 2006

I received an answer from an Kazakh admin about about the files they filled to make their wiki multiscripted, here is the. Now I"m trying to to deschipher them, देसीफ्राल 18:33, 14 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the Translit script[सम्पादन]

I have implemented it in Telugu wikipedia. right now i am hosting it outside on a different server would like to know how to host it on wikipedia. --Vyzasatya 19:24, 26 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

Barnstar and Media Publicity[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh ,

Thanks for the change word indospheric,I do agree.As far special Barnstar, I tried to float an idea ,may be we will need to remind people again at latter point of time about the same.About media publicity just go through mr:विकिपीडिया:मराठी विकिपीडिया माध्यम प्रसिद्धी प्रकल्प this page.As of now content on this page is in english

Mahitgar 02:48, 27 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)

*Devanagari कळफलक[सम्पादन]

  • Devanagari कळफलक
Please have a look at Devanagari कळफलक unavailable features and needed improvements this wiktionary article.Mahitgar 14:28, 2 जानेवारी 2007 (UTC)


Please do have a look at article mr:जोडाक्षर
Mahitgar 07:37, 29 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)

सुभाय् ‌‌[सम्पादन]

नेपाल भाषाया wikipedia याये ज्या यायेत ब्वनादिगुली यक्व सुभाय् । जि लिमलाम्ह ब्वनामि जूगुलिं यक्व याेगदान बी मफुसां फक्व याय् गु भलसा बियाच्वना । जय मांभाय् । AmritTuladhar 03:28, 5 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

some corrections and simplifications[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, I have made some corrections for the script based on the remarks of marathi wiktionary, and i have split the amhaHash in smaller pieces so that it could be modified within the browser. You can pick in here and paste it in your location.I will also try to look at the remaining points.


Your bot[सम्पादन]

Your bot is working fine, I just checked and created some pages. You may take a look following pages:

  1. कोय़ाक्ता
  2. कुम्बि
  3. मैरां
  4. बिष्णुपुर

Just I change the data file. You don have to put the city name thatway. Just dirctly type with unicode. I will send you the sample. Thanks. Good luck.--उत्तम सिंह 00:09, 27 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Dear Eukesh,
I checked. Yes, it is working. Please visit following links: http://new.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges&hidebots=0 http://new.wikipedia.org/wiki/%3F%3F%3F%3F
You see there are some question marks (????) because it is an unicode coding problem. So you need unicode enable text editor or use your 'Notepad' and do the following 1. type/translate in unicode 2. go to 'File' menu and click 'save as' 3. give a name 2. choose encoding option to 'UTF-8' I hope it will work fine. By the way, did you use GUI or dos? Please use python GUI, and it suports unicode, and dos does not.
Thanks.--उत्तम सिंह 04:16, 27 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Abt Bot[सम्पादन]

Thanks Eukesh, personally speaking I keep making myself a lot of mistakes in Marathi writing but I myself avoid making new articles titles when I am in doubt since a significant no. of Marathi People tend to be quite sensitive about correctness in written form. And this written form many times looks similler to hindi or sanskrit but but equal no. of times it tends to be different also.Many times we tend to confict among our selves about what is the correct form of writing any word in Marathi language. Best example of this is we Marathi Wikipedians are still not at consensus about which form is correct for writing word 'Wikipedia' in Marathi :}. Another interesting example would be , while writing word 'wiktionary' Marathi and Hindi form differes.

Your idea of getting data beforehand getting checked and modified is most welcome and takes care of my concern.Besides in Marathi wikipedia also Mr. Abhay Natu and User:Patilkedar are also managing local bots , I do not know technicalities but hope you all will technical care that these devanagari bots will work in a tandem.Thanks , compliments and best wishes to you for getting started with the Bot, infact a long cherished dream! Mahitgar 17:31, 27 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Requests for new languages/Wiktionary Nepal Bhasa 2[सम्पादन]

I'm sorry for the long delay. I finally replied back at Requests for new languages/Wiktionary Nepal Bhasa 2. I have three additional questions. --Iamunknown 23:48, 27 ज्यानुवरी 2007 (UTC)

About MediaWiki:Translitbn.js[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh, Great work, keep it up. I can see you crossed the mile stone of 5000 articles. I would like to request you to correct the name of the language Bishnupuri to Bishnupriya Manipuri, and add 2 letters ৰ and ৱ. Also few days ago I created one for Bishnupriya Manipuri. Thanks.उत्तम सिंह 06:20, 14 फेब्रुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Thank you for Info - (the choice is not here to type in En!).[सम्पादन]

It seems strighforward to allow for direct Tamil input than I intially thought. I will look into it. Thanks. Working across languages is definitely valuable. Good Work.--Natkeeran 18:51, 14 फेब्रुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Deletion backlog at pi.wikipedia.org[सम्पादन]

Please review Category:Deleteme at pi.wikipedia.org, there are several items that should be deleted. Thanks. -- ReyBrujo 15:07, 24 फेब्रुवरी 2007 (UTC)

Gurmukhi Input on Punjabi Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Hi, this is. This input idea is very good but there are some issues with it for Gurmukhi. Can you please leave me further details of the rules that you haveimplemented and I will list appropriate corrections? Although Devanagari and Gurmukhi are very similar , Gurmukhi is considerably less formal if you would and so much of the stuff Gurmukhi typists expect is different. 20:40, 1 मार्च 2007 (UTC)


Please check your email. I have sent you bot files you could run on the Hindi Wikipedia (with year articles). --hi:User:Wolf14:07, 2 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

Deletion request[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh,

Please delete the following the spam on Kashmiri Wikipedia here (if you are still the sysop), Thanks. -- 06:58, 3 मार्च 2007 (UTC)


Eukesh, congratulations for reaching the 10, 000 milestone! -- 08:07, 4 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

बॉट के बारें में अच्छा ख़बर![सम्पादन]

युकेश, कंग्रैट्यूलेशन्स, हिन्दी विकिपीडिया पर यन् आपको बॉट स्टेटस ग्रांट करेंगें! Yann has granted you bot status! Please run the bot files all the time now. --Wolf 16:13, 5 मार्च 2007 (UTC)


You have done amazing work on the देवनागरी Wikis. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 in Nepal Bhasa and Hindi. My question is whether the bots can also be used for Nepali, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Romani, Sindhi (for the Devanagari version), and a new Devanagari only Kashmiri?

It would be great if Sanskrit can be pushed over 5,000 and the others over 1,000 each. 02:24, 15 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

I am sorry I could not respond to you directly, I am planning to run this bot in all Devnagari wikipediae. Also, I intend to extend it to Assamese, Oriya, Panjabi, Gujarati and if required to the South Indian scripts like Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam etc. Thank you.--Eukesh 15:36, 15 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

Namaskar Eukesh! This is Maharashtra-Express from Marathi wikipedia. I would request u to develop/run a bot which shall help Marathi wikipedia articles grow in number.Please look into this. Hello Eukesh, thanks for ur response. I know little abt bot,but is ur bot only abt Nepal-cities? I am expecting a bot which shall help Marathi wikipedia grow in other subjects as well. (like tht of Bangla/Bishnupriya manipuri). It will be really nice if u help us abt it. mr:User:महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस

I am not a technical person. Can i help u in creating databases,for.eg districts in Maharashtra?It will be nice if u use ur bot for Nepalese/US/Indian places. Thanks for ur help. Please let me know if i can help u in any way for creating bots/dbases for Marathi wikipedia and others. (Plz let me know what EXACTLY I need to do!)Also how much time do one need to learn create and manage bots? I know little C and HTML. Sorry for my silly question! mr:User:महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस

Namaskar Eukesh, yes,I am having my exams nearer which will end in mid-april. I shall look for bots after that. Thanks a lot for ur help. And Best of luck for ur exams. mr:User:महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस

Lombard bot[सम्पादन]

Hello Eukesh, I am pleased to share with you what you kindly ask:

  • the code is simply the standard one (pagefromfile.py) of Pywikipediabot: you will preliminarly need to install Python 2.5. You can find all instructions


  • Now I am adding the database about Vermont's municipalities, which I am going to upload at Lombard wikipedia.

I will add some code more, but this is not in this computer I am working with today.

When you have learned to use the bot (it's easy enough), please save the wiki code of the articles; then you will need the following command line from the command prompt: python pagefromfile.py -start:STARTSTART -end:ENDEND -file:articles.txt -summary:uploading_automatically_articles

Please let me know if this helps -- 11:48, 18 मार्च 2007 (UTC) (lmo:user:10caart)

Thanks a lot for your generous help. --Eukesh 19:21, 18 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

आपका स्वागत के लिए धन्यवाद। में वुल्फ़ हूँ।-- 19:22, 19 मार्च 2007 (UTC)

Hello, it's a pleasure! Please don't exitate to contact me for any piece of information you should need. I am busy as well :-), meanwhile I pass you some data more. Bests, -- 10:32, 23 मार्च 2007 (UTC) (lmo:user:10caart)

ंMalayalam Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,
I'm very sorry for being late. Thanks for notifying about your Malayalam Transliteration script . We are planning to put the script on malayalam wiki but the script needs some corrections. For experiments, I've juss copied the script to malayalam wiki and placed the hooking scripts in my monobook.js 80-85% of your script is ok but there is something to fix up. Can I start fixing it up ? If you have anything more to comment on please let me konw. Thanks for your help and support. -ml:User:Tux_the_penguin

one of our coders did some modification on the script and is working fine now. I'm not aware of the changes. You can look at my script space for the script it is at - Thanks

Link to Sindhi Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,‎ Kindly put a link of Sindhi Wikipedia on the main page of Bhasa Nepal Wikipedia.‎


स.रा.अ बोट[सम्पादन]

About the USA bot, Darhikeshji has offered his help to translate the database. He said that you can send him the email at longhairandabeard_AT_yahoo_DOT_com. For more info please see hi:विकिपीडिया:चौपाल. --Wolf 20:23, 11 अप्रिल 2007 (UTC)


Could you please write a stub http://new.wikipedia.org/wiki/कुरोव् - just a few sentences based on http://ne.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurów ? I know that you made one sentence on NE Wiki but I please. 1 sentence enough. Please.

PS. Article about Kurów is already on 174 languages. If you do that, please put interwiki link into English version. If your village/town/city hasn't on PL wiki, I can do article about it. (I'm first author of requests) Pietras1988 TALK १८:५६, २८ अप्रिल २००७ (UTC)

Very, very, very thanks. I saw that you made this article early on "normal" Nepal Wikipedia so sorry that you give this request 2nd time but my brother send this request now to you so I sorry. I hate give 2 request to one user. Pietras1988 TALK १५:२३, १२ मे २००७ (UTC)

I haven't yet this article on Sanskrit. You can do this article on this language? I see that you live in USA. Tomorrow or yet evening tomorrow I will do article about Katmandu Valley, Nevar people and Tibeto-Burman languages. Pietras1988 TALK १८:२८, १२ मे २००७ (UTC) & done. Pietras1988 TALK १९:११, १२ मे २००७ (UTC)

pl:Newarska Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Hello, I'm wrote some stub about Wikipedia in this language. Can you answer me on question: when this edition was founded, how many contributors and admin are there? Did you uploaded logo of your Wiki on the commons? I would like to add it into article. Can you write me, how is words: "Newarian Wikipedia" in your language? I want also add it info. And some advice from admin another Wikipedia - why don't you flagged bots by beaurocrat? They total flouded your wiki. Have you a beaurocrat? If not, you can ask in meta. If you want to answer, please make it in my site: my site.

Thanks. I expanded this stub. You can add a logo. By the way, can you translate also an article about a small river which goes throught by Kurów and? This is a theme linked with Kurów (name of river came from name of Kurów, is exactly this same point on the map of Poland). I can translate something for you from English or Russian. Greg.

Thanks Eukesh[सम्पादन]

Thanks for the support you have shown, there are no body else till now in the wikipedia, I am not able to change some protected templates. do you know how to do it. Thanks once again for your encouragement

Regards Sangeeta

Article Created[सम्पादन]

Greetings Eukesh my friend,

I have translated one of your Favorite article into the Traditional Chinese language. The article has been created Here. Regards, --Jose77 ००:०८, १६ मे २००७ (UTC)


Replied in your bn-wiki talk page. -- ०१:५९, २ जुन २००७ (UTC) bn:User:Ragib

Końskowola - Poland[सम्पादन]

Could you please write a stub http://new.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ko%C5%84skowola - just a few sentences based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ko%C5%84skowola ? Only 3-5 sentences enough. Please.

P.S. If You do that, please put interwiki link into english version. 123owca321 २०:२८, ५ जुन २००७ (UTC)

विभक्तिया छ्यला[सम्पादन]

विकिपिडियाय् छुं छुं भाषिक अशुद्धता जुयाच्वंगुयात फयांफक्व म्हो यायेमाःगु दु । थन जिं खनाच्वनागु अशुद्धता मध्यय् छगू विभक्तिया छ्यला नं खः।

नेपालभाषा ह्रस्वमय भाषा खः। नेपालभाषाया छुं नं नाम खँग्वःया ल्यूने दीर्घ जुयाच्वंसां वयात कारक विभक्तिइ यंकेबलय् उकिया पूर्व रुप लुइका जक च्वयेगु नेपालभाषाया सामान्य नियम खः।

गथेकि लः

लख (पूर्व रुप )

लखय्, लखं (तृतिय, पंचम व सप्तम विभक्तिइ छ्यला)


धुल (पूर्व रुप)

धुलं, धुलय् (तृतिय, पंचम व सप्तम विभक्तिइ छ्यला)

अथे हे पौ (पत्र) या पूर्वरुप पति खःसा पौ (छाना) या पूर्व रुप पलि खः। उकिं पत्रमा, पत्रले धायेत पतिं, पतिइ व छानामा, छानाले धायेत पलिं, पलिइ छ्यलेमाः।

थन पत्रमा धायेत पौय् धयागु खँग्वः यक्व ज्यलाच्वंगु दु । शुद्ध रुप पतिइ खः। उकिइ छक्वः नं ध्यान तयादीत इनाप ।

--Subhashram १७:५९, २० जुन २००७ (UTC)

विभक्तिया छ्यला २[सम्पादन]

विभक्तिया छ्यलाया हे सम्वन्धय् तृतिय, पंचम व सप्तम विभक्तिइ यंकेबलय् खँग्वःया दक्कले ल्यूनेया आखः स्वयाः उकिइ गज्याःगु विभक्ति च्वनी धयागु खँय् नं बिचाः यायेबहः जू ।

नेपालभाषाय् छुं नं थाय् विशेष वा वस्तु विशेषय् धकाः विभक्ति छ्यलेबलय् यदि शव्दया ल्यूने अकार, आकार आदि वलधाःसा उकिइ य् च्वनीसा यदि शव्दया ल्यूने इकार व उकार वलधाःसा उकिइ इ विभक्ति (लितँसा) च्वनी ।


यल - अकार - यलय्

ढाका - का आकार - ढाकाय्

लुभु - भु उकार - लुभु

पेरु - रु उकार - पेरु

हेल्सिन्कि - न्कि इकार - हेल्सिन्कि


टेब - टेबलय्

मे - मेचय्

कापि - कापि

च्वसु - च्वसु - (च्वसुय् गलत खः)

विकि विकि - (विकिय् गलत खः)

ग्रन्थि ग्रन्थिइ

--Subhashram २३:४४, २३ जुन २००७ (UTC)

Good Work[सम्पादन]

Greetings Eukesh my good friend.

You have done a brilliant job in introducing the transliteration tool into many of the Wikipedias which use the Indic script. It is very much appreciated. --Jose77 ०७:५३, १ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)


Hi, Eukesh. Can you please delete my account. If that is not possible, Please delete my talk page.

I was unable to find a administrator on Sanskrit wiki. If you can, then please delete these pages too. http://sa.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B%E0%A4%9C%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%83:Nidhishsinghal http://sa.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B%E0%A4%9C%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%AD%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%B7%E0%A4%A3%E0%A4%82:Nidhishsinghal

Thanks.--Nidhishsinghal १०:५५, १३ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)

Ok. can you please delete this page too. Thanx--Nidhishsinghal १८:४९, २९ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)


If you could tell me what your template for deletion is, I'll happily apply it when I find spam.

Kylu ०६:०७, ६ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)

meta:Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Pali Bhasa Wiktionary[सम्पादन]

Eukesh, this Wiktionary has languished since you made several contributions to it a long time ago. It attracts spambots and little else, so it's been proposed that it be closed. If you don't mind, please join the discussion and let us know whether you think this project should be kept. (If it's kept, someone will have to be found to work on it.)

There's a list of other projects to be closed at meta:Proposals for closing projects.

Thank you for all you do for so many different projects. --A. B. १५:२१, ८ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)

monobook.js problem in several Wikipedias with indic scripts.[सम्पादन]

Please see pi:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, or:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, bo:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, bpy:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, pa:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, gu:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js, bh:MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js - if you can, please fix the (likely) common source of those, or address the one(s) who could. I was not able to find out, who else to ask, or whom else to inform. Thank you. --Purodha ०८:४३, १० अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)

I have changed the monobook of Bhojpuri and Pali wikipedia. The ones of bpy and gu can be changed by users Usingha and Spundun respectively (if they are still active). The Oriya, Panjabi, Bod Skad does not have any admin at the moment. So, a steward or bureaucrat might be needed for those cases. Thanks for your interest in these wikis. Thank you.--Eukesh १५:३१, १० अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)
Thank you! I've informed Jon Harald Søby -- Purodha

परीक्षण प्रावस्था[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,

परीक्षण — चेक सन्दूक पर क्लिक करें ध्वन्यात्मक देवनागरी में लिखने के लिए (परीक्षण प्रावस्था) हिंदी विकिपीडिया stopped working suddenly can some one amongst Hindi Wikipedia admins look into the problem on priority please.

Marathi Wiktionary's ध्वन्यात्मक देवनागरी facilty is dependant on yours so do the needfull at the earliest.

छ्येलेमि:माहितगार ०६:४१, १९ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC) (Admin Marthi Language Wiktionary)


There are lots of pages that are marked for deletion in ks.wikipedia. Maybe they do not all deserve to be deleted, but there has been some new vandalsim/nonsens pages made since you last deleted. The usual index.php spambot pages has been recreated as well. Could you please have a look and see if you can delete some? Thank you. --Jorunn २३:१२, २६ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)

Sanskrit Wiki[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, can you please semi-protect the Sanskrit Main Page. That way I can stil edit and improve it. ThanksDaGizza ०६:०७, २९ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)


thaks for welcome note sir, iam new in this plateform (nepali) iam rajeevmass from Hindi wikipedia - Rajeevmass १५:४३, १८ सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)


मैं इस नेपाली विकिपीडिया पर आपको गुरू मानता हूं, मैं नेपाली भाषा सीखना चाहता हूं, आपसे निवेदन है कि आप मेरा मार्गदर्शन करते रहिएगा -- Rajeevmass १७:०४, २० सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)


बहुत-बहुत सुभाय्, युकेशजी --Rajeevmass १७:१७, २० सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)

नेपालीभाषा शब्द्कोश[सम्पादन]

युकेशजी, क्या नेपालीभाषा में भी कोई एसा शब्द्कोश हैं जहां पर अंग्रेजी में शब्द डालने पर उसका नेपालीभाषा में अर्थ प्राप्त हो जाएं, सुभाय् -- Rajeevmass १०:३१, २१ सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)


सुभाय् युकेश्जी मुझे इसी कि आवशयकता थी --Rajeevmass १७:०७, २२ सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)

Protect pages from recreation[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh,

I had a little problems writing this text in English, I hope this will be ok. I saw that you emptied pages that had to be protected from recreation, and then protected the empty page. This will be a better way:

  • Then protect that page Wikipedia:Cascade and mark "Protect pages included in this page (cascading protection)".

This will mean that only sysops are able to create the pages included as a template in that Wikipedia:Cascade page.

I hope you will make good use of this. I saw you can already use it for W/w/w/w/index.php and W/index.php.

Best Regards,

m:user:Effeietsanders १२:०८, ४ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

Classical Japanese[सम्पादन]

Hi, I am 榎, a user of Japanese Wikipedia. Now, I have a request to you. Could you write a new article about Classical Japanese in Nepal Bhasa based on or or the others, and then please put an External link to Wp/jpn-classical. A few sentences would be enough.-- ०३:३४, ५ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

I am most grateful to you that you have written the article I had requested. Thank you very much.-- ०४:०८, ३१ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

Request for help from kannada (kn) wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,
I am shushruth from kn wikipedia. I am currently a sysop there. I request your help in setting up an automatic transliteration system there like you have at your wiki. If you could direct me with some instructions on how to get started, we'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance. १७:२२, ६ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

Thank you very much for your help at the kannada wiki. We greatly appreciate it. Thanks again. - shushruth from kn wikipedia

Fundraiser 2007 - Translation of Sitenotice[सम्पादन]

Hi, the Fundraiser 2007 of the Wikimedia Foundation will last from 22 October to 22 December. Right now we are preparing the sitenotice. Could you please help by translating the two sentences in your language? If you cannot do this, could you please help me to contact a person who can help? You can find the text to be translated on meta. Thank you so much for your help! Best, --SabineCretella १९:४१, ६ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

deletion request[सम्पादन]

विकिपिडिया खँलाबँला:Input System Kylu १८:२०, ९ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)


युकेशजी इस अवसर को प्रदान करने के लिए बहुत-बहुत सुभाय् । आप मेरा मार्गदर्शन करते रहें तो मैं अभी से काम शुरू कर रहा हूं. सुभाय् Rajeevmass १४:०५, १६ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

पुचः:महासागरीय गर्त[सम्पादन]

मैने यह श्रेणी (लेख सहित) बनाई हैं । नेपालीभाषा कम जानने के कारन कुछ कमियां हैं, निवेदन है कि ठीक कर दें सुभाय् --Rajeevmass १६:२६, १९ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)


युकेश जी नेपाली भाषा में सांचा के लिए क्या शब्द हैं ।--Rajeevmass १६:५५, २३ अक्टोबर २००७ (UTC)

Quality measurement in Wikipedias[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, some time ago you had written a message on my talk page about measuring quality in Wikipedias (by using the List of articles every wikipedia should have at Meta as a first yardstick). There has been some talk about this topic in the m:Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Volapük Wikipedia at Meta -- you may find some of it relevant. (And if you feel that you have an opinion about the issue, perhaps also contribute with your vote, whatever it is.), 20:24 26 Oct 2007

Hi again Eukesh, thanks for your vote. I was wondering if you knew any other users here at new.wiki or elsewhere who might want to vote there too -- the opposers of the proposal seem to be winning, but help is always welcome, and new closure supporters have been appearing. Anyway, thanks again! Smeira 07:07, 28 oct 2007

Assamese Wikipedia.[सम्पादन]

Eukesh left a message for you on your user talk page of Assamese Wikipedia. Please check it!!

Priyankoo from Assamese Wikipedia.

Quality measurement II[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, given your suggestions, you'll probably be interested in the little measurement I'm currently making for comparing Wikipedias with respect to how good their articles were from the m:List of articles every Wikipedia should have. Have a look at the result (under construction): m:List of Wikipedias by sample of articles. Comments and ideas are welcome! --Smeira

समाचार पत्र[सम्पादन]

युकेश्जी, मैने हिन्दी विकिपीडिया पर समाचार पत्र पर लेख तैय्यार किया है, आप से निभेदन है कि यदि आपको ठीक लगे तो हम् उसे यहा का सकते है |--Rajeevmass ०६:२६, १० नोभेम्बर २००७ (UTC)

Kashmiri Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, one month ago the Kashmiri Wikipedia has been hit by a spambot. Can you delete the pages the spambot created? Thanks, -- १९:४०, २६ नोभेम्बर २००७ (UTC)

Because you didn't respond or fulfill this request, I have requested temporary adminship on Meta: m:Requests_for_permissions#Prince_Kassad@ks_Wikipedia -- १८:४७, २८ नोभेम्बर २००७ (UTC)


Please, could you translate this article onto the language of this Wikipedia? Thanks for your help. -- १५:२३, ११ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)

Congratulations on your conditional project approval![सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh. On Meta's Requests for new languages I read that you have recently supported a request for a new language project that has now been conditionally approved. Congratulations on that approval! I hope your community can make something wonderful out of it.

One of the requirements for getting from a conditional approval to a complete project with its own wiki is that the interface for MediaWiki for that language has been sufficiently localised. I would like to ask you to check the localisation statistics for the languages you are able to contribute to, and if you are willing, invite you to visit Betawiki, where you can contribute to improving the localisation for those languages. On Betawiki, users contribute to the MediaWiki localisation of more than 70 languages every month. Please do not hesitate to drop me a note there if you have any questions. Cheers! Siebrand २२:५५, २२ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)


युकेश्जी मै यहां प्रबन्शक् पद के लिए कैसे आभेसन् कर सकता हूं सुभाय् --Rajeevmass १५:५५, २ ज्यानुवरी २००८ (UTC)

युकेश्जी आपसे निभेदन् है कि आप् मुझे यहीं पर् भार्ता करें न कि मेरे हिन्दी भिकि पर्, यहां मै नेपाली भाषा के पर्याभरण् मे रहता हूं सुभाय् --Rajeevmass १३:०२, ४ ज्यानुवरी २००८ (UTC)

Volapük again[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh. Perhaps you've already noticed that there is a new proposal against the Volapük Wikipedia: m:Proposals for closing projects/Radical cleanup of Volapük Wikipedia. In case you agree that this is not a good proposal for vo.wp, perhaps you could help us fight against it by casting your vote? Thanks! --Smeira 00:15, 3 oct 2008


thanks for your message. I left two messages for your on your ne.wiki talkpage, regarding grammar and how to use the letter 'chha' in the romanized devanagari. --Soman १३:२३, ३ ज्यानुवरी २००८ (UTC)

Greetings :)[सम्पादन]

Dearest Eukesh, I would like to know if you could help me translate a short version of this article for the Newari Wikipedia (.new)? The initial two or three sentences would be more than enough since a short stub-translation could later provide the basis for future development. Thanks so much and Happy 2008! ;) -Rajamati २०:४०, ५ ज्यानुवरी २००८ (UTC)

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ ਤੇ ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਯੋਗਦਾਨ[सम्पादन]

Dearest Eukesh,It is very good of and on you are contributing at panjabi wikipedia and it keeps it going as there are not many contributors so far there.what ever way you choose to right gurmukhi script it conveys always some sence though spellings and words are not grammatically correct as per panjabi language.May i know how you write these sentences.Do you use any machine translator.But any way your interest in panjabi is appreciable.-- ०९:४४, १९ मार्च २००८ (UTC)Guglani

A little help: Ecser[सम्पादन]

Hi! I'm a Hungarian Wikipedia editor, my name is Norbert Kiss. I'm very proud of my village and I would like to read about it in a lot of langauges. I translated already it into 10 languages, but I can't speak Nepal. Could you help me. My village's English page is this: Ecser. Could you translate the page of Ecser into Nepal? Then just link the side into the English version and I will see it, or you could write me, when it is ready. My hungarian Wikipedia side is: My profile. Or my e-mail is: eino@freemail.hu

Thank you! Norbert

Dzongkha Input[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh -

Unfortunately the input thing you added to Dzongkha Wikipedia does not seem to work very well for Dzongkha (Tibetan script). I can't seem get it to work to enter the subjoined consonants (U+0F90->U+0FB8) frequent in Dzongkha.

Dzongkha has a lot of unpronounced prefixes and suffixes, as well as inumerable homonyms - so it is probably almost impossible to make an input method which is based on a romanization of the pronunciation of Dzongkha words that works well.

I think something like the Javascript Wylie input method for Tibetan & Dzongkha which is at http://www.colourcountry.net/tibetan/ might work better since that uses the standard Wylie transliteration system. Could something like that be implemented in Wikimedia?

- Chris

CFynn १०:०३, ९ जुन २००८ (UTC)

translation help please[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh,

I have not talked with you for a while. I hope you are doing well. I have a question. In the article on Meter in Newari wikipedia, I am not sure what word should be used to mean standard. Thanks for your earliest concern.


Kushal one ११:५१, ३१ जुलाई २००८ (UTC)

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I actually meant a replacement for the word "standard". thanks. Kushal one १४:२५, १ अगस्ट २००८ (UTC) OK "निश्चित" sounds good. the phonetic way of writing in Devnagari is really sweet. Thanks. Kushal one १४:३०, १ अगस्ट २००८ (UTC)

You are awesome, Eukesh. Kushal one १९:२६, २५ अगस्ट २००८ (UTC)

विकिपिडिया खँलाबँला:बोट/broken[सम्पादन]

What is up with the standard bot policy thing? How can I request a bot flag? I have been waiting for quite a while... -- Cat chi? ०९:३०, ६ अगस्ट २००८ (UTC)

pi:Main Page[सम्पादन]

Hi, I left a message on the discussion page of the Pāḷi wikipedia, and was wondering if you could give your thoughts. Thanks --Storkk १३:१०, १८ अगस्ट २००८ (UTC)

Welcome to ml wiki![सम्पादन]

Hi, I hve responded in here. Thanks , --Jyothis २२:३३, ११ सेप्टेम्बर २००८ (UTC)

Re: from punjabi wiki[सम्पादन]

Hello Eukesh, the following is the Bindi

ੰ            (1)

which also doesn't shown up when typing Punjabi, it has the sounds of a n sound. so it should come up when we type a word like by pressing 'b' we get

 'ਬ੍'                     (2)

so after by pressing 'n' and should show up like

ਬੰ           (3)

and following is the addhk

ੱ             (4)

it should show up similar to other extra punjabi characters but by pressing u twice or by pressing U, however when we press u or U after a Punjabi word it gives the following character

ੂ             (5)

so that would need to be changed because we still need the character in #5. so I keep displaying #5 by pressing u twice and display #4 by pressing U

Also if I copy the mediawiki file over to the Punjabi wiki, how would I add characters that are missing or not showing up correctly? Thank you for your help in advance. Could you reply on my English or Punjabi talk. Thank You again. Gman124 २३:४३, ६ डिसेम्बर २००८ (UTC)

also the following link has the listing of punjabi characters. Gman124 ००:०१, ७ डिसेम्बर २००८ (UTC)
Also the following alphabet is also missing:

correction requested at sa:मिडीयाविकी:Sidebar[सम्पादन]

Please change




Thanks and Regards Mahitgar १६:४०, १२ फाल्गुने २००९ (UTC)

Hi it's gman124 again[सम्पादन]

I have moved the punjabi translitration from this wiki to ਮੀਡੀਆਵਿਕਿ:Translitgur.js at Punjabi wiki. I was wondering what does the ਷ mean as seen in the following. This is part of the third from the last line of the amhaHash from the Translitrations file "amhaHash+='"x":"ਕ੍਷੍","ਕ੍਷.......". So what is ਷ supposed to be because currently for some of the letters they show up, but I don't want to change until I know that what it is supposed to be. Thank You. --Gman124 २०:३९, २० फेब्रुवरी २००९ (UTC)

Dzongkha / Tibetan Script Inkey[सम्पादन]

Eukesh ~ thanks for trying, but can you *please* remove the Inkey you put on the Dzongkha Wikipedia. It actually makes proper Dzongkha or Tibetan very difficult to input - and needs to be turned off every time!!

Although the Tibetan script has appparent similarities to Devanagri the encoding model used for Tibetan script in the Unicode standard is completly different to the encoding model used for Devanagri.

For a start Dzongkha & Tibetan has many vertical combinations and there are a whole set of combining consonants in Unicode (U+0F90-U+0FBC) for forming these. Your inkey does not seem to use these at all.

If you want to make a useful inkey for Tibetan script, please follow the standard EWTS transcription system or the standard Dzongkha keyboard layout.

Thanks CFynn १८:१२, २२ फेब्रुवरी २००९ (UTC)

Deletion backlog on this wiki[सम्पादन]

Hello, I've noticed that there are 25 pages here that have been tagged for speedy deletion here, could you clear it up? Thanks. Techman224 २०:२२, २१ मार्च २००९ (UTC)

Translation Request[सम्पादन]

Hi! Could you translate and add this article into your wonderful wikipedia? You can reach me here. Thanks. With Kind Regards --Warayupay ०९:४४, १८ जुन २००९ (UTC)


Ph locator leyte tacloban.png

Tacloban is a port city in the Philippines. It is approximately 360 miles southeast of Manila. It is the capital of the province of Leyte. It is also the regional center of Eastern Visayas.


request for help[सम्पादन]

Greetings Eukesh!Could I ask you to translate en:Qin Shi Huang(listed in 1000 vital articles) and en:Wuhan(a chinese city,my hometown) into Nepal Bhasa?You may shorten them as possible to contain only the basic informations,one or two sentences are enough. If you want me to translate any article into Chinese or Vahcuengh,contact me without hesistation. Thank you very much!--

Translation of a short story[सम्पादन]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Nepali. I made this page, the English translation is somewhere there. You can put the Nepali translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... -hu:User:Eino81


Hello! Thank you so much for your help :) Best wishes, Patrol110 १६:४५, २२ सेप्टेम्बर २००९ (UTC)

Please remove Translit script from the Dzongkha Wikipedia[सम्पादन]


Kindly Please remove your Tranlit script from the Dzongkha (and Tibetan) Wikipedia. It interferes with the standard Dzongkha keyboard, makes editing Dzongkha articles very difficult and so discourages participation on Dzongkha Wikipedia. In other words it is harmful to Dzongkha Wikipedia. This may be one of the reasons why no one is participating there.

Try to type the word སྒྲུབ་བརྒྱུད་ (sgrub brgyud), a normal Tibetan and Dzongkha word, with this inkey turned on - you wind up with the total nonsense སགརུབ བརགཡུད not སྒྲུབ་བརྒྱུད་.

I know your intention was to be helpful - but in this particular case it isn't. As I think I informed you some time ago, Dzongkha transliteration is *very* different than that used for Indic languages. For instance following normal translitteration the word Dzongkha (རྫོང་ཁ) is translitterated as rdzong kha but, when we type this, your translit script produces "རཛོངཁཨ" instead of "རྫོང་ཁ་". Dzongkha also has many unpronounced prefixes and suffixes and also requires a tshek character (u+0F0B) between each syllable which your system doesn't handle. I know your Tranlit script has a check box to turn it off ~ but it is very frustrating to have to do this with each and every edit. Please remove this script ASAP because as far as Dzongkha and Tibetan languages are concerned it is entirely useless.

CFynn ०६:१७, २७ सेप्टेम्बर २००९ (UTC)

I've removed the script from those wikis (and here, but that was a mistake - since I wasn't asked to remove it here, I'll be undoing that shortly.) Mike.lifeguard | @meta ००:१६, २८ सेप्टेम्बर २००९ (UTC)
Actually the script is not yet removed. There is still the check-box and message: "Test - check box to write in Dzonkha [sic] (test phase); use Esc to switch" at the top when I edit pages in the Dzongkha Wikipedia. The template is very much active and still has to turned off with each edit. Same thing on the Tibetan Wikipedia.
CFynn ०८:३८, २८ सेप्टेम्बर २००९ (UTC)


Hi! I see you‘re very active here.

I‘m user from Wikipedia on Serbish.

Can you please upload your wiki logo on commons under the name Wikipedia-logo-new.png?


--FriedrickMILBarbarossatalk • २०:२०, १६ अक्टोबर २००९ (UTC)


Hi, could you please create an article, at least a stub about Bosphorus in this wiki? If you do, i will be greatful to you. Thanks for your time.

--Stambouliote १६:२३, १२ नोभेम्बर २००९ (UTC)

Translation Request of article about Isaac Newton[सम्पादन]

Dearest Eukesh, how are you! I'm wondering if you would be so kind to help translate a very short-stub version of 3-4 sentences of this article for the wonderful Nepali Wikipedia? Thank you very much for any advice or help you could offer. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely--Brezza del mare ०७:२१, १ डिसेम्बर २००९ (UTC)


You'll be pleased to know myself and Nvvchar have written a half decent article about Kathmandu see the diff. The history section needs cleanup and writing properly though so whenever you drop in please help with the article. Also if you are ever near Bir Hospital or any of the others please upload some photos of the hospitals in Kathmandu. Dr. Blofeld White cat 16:21, 19 December 2009 (UTC)

HI ![सम्पादन]

I wanted to ask if you can translate the values of Wikipedia in other languages to your Wikipedia ? . שחר1979 ०८:५४, १० मार्च २०१० (UTC)


?? :-) Smkolins २३:५०, १० मार्च २०१० (UTC)

english please[सम्पादन]

hi, can i ask you where is the page of these they did not speak Vietnamese ? I have a request if you could translate some articles in your language:

1 - גלידה מסטיק => from the hebrew wikipedia

2 - Mastichochoria => from the english wikipedia

3 - Mastic (plant resin) => from the english wikipedia

thank you, שחר1979 १८:२८, ११ मार्च २०१० (UTC)

kha vs di[सम्पादन]

Hi Eukesh, How's it going? In the article on G P Koirala, should we change the kha into past? I mean I put the word purwa in front of prime minister so I don't know if changing it to past would be good. Please let me know. Thanks (: Kushal one २०:०५, २० मार्च २०१० (UTC)

Thanks Kushal one १३:०९, १२ अप्रिल २०१० (UTC)

Pali Wikipedia[सम्पादन]

Hi there. I'm a beginner with Pali language and want to learn it more deeply and bring it into the modern world. If you could contact me, it would be great. Hopefully we can give this amazing language the place it deserves.

YehoshuaOz ०८:१०, २७ अप्रिल २०१० (UTC)

छ्येलेमि खँलाबँला:Plushy[सम्पादन]

Hey. If I may suggest something, greeting users with no contributions and SUL account ain't a good idea but if you're going to do that you may add at least a few lines in english to that message.Plushy १३:१४, २ मे २०१० (UTC)

I would like to echo Plushy's comment. You posted something on my user page छ्येलेमि खँलाबँला:Krelnik that appears to be some sort of notice or request and I have no clue what it is. I am very active on the English wikipedia but not on other versions, so I have no idea why you would have any reason to contact me. I have never done any work at all in this version of Wikipedia. Please include some English or at least some other language that can be machine translated so people have a chance to understand your notices. --Krelnik ०३:०३, ३ मे २०१० (UTC)
I'm echoing Plushy's comment, also. Eukesh, your bot seems to have created some kind of a page for me. I don't know what it's for and I've never edited a wikipedia page in your language. Please bring your bot under control so it doesn't bother people! DutchmanInDisguise ०५:४५, ६ मे २०१० (UTC)
  • In polish Wikipedia we have a link to SUL checker on the contribution page so we can easily check where does one come from, you might want to think about it too. Plushy १०:२०, ३ मे २०१० (UTC)


Hello there! Please pay attantion on Template:लसकुस. User Verdy p added some negative thoughts and your bot could put them into hundreds of talk pages.--Erud ०८:२८, ४ मे २०१० (UTC)


युकेश ज्यू नमस्कार मलाई नेपाल भाषा आउदैन यसैले यहाँ नेपाली भाषामा लेख्दै छु। मैले यो विकिपीडियामा जानि नजानी केही योगदान दिएको छु यदी मैले गरेको काम राम्रो लागेमा मलाई मेरो नेपाली विकिपीडियाको वार्ता पृष्ठमा लेख्नु होला मेरो यहाँ आउने काम कम पर्छ। मैले "महादेवले पनि हार्नु पर्छ" भन्ने कथाबाट "आफु नजाने गाउँको बाटो सोध्नु हुदैन" भन्ने शिक्षा पाएको थिएँ यसकारण म यो विकिपीडियाको भाषा सम्मबन्धी अनजान छु। हँ एक कुरा थाहा पाएँ नेपाली भाषालाई खेँ भाषा भनिदो रैछ। हजुरलाई मेरो अनुरोध के छ भने यता त तपाईँको बोटले राम्रो काम गरि रहेको छ तपाईँको खाँचो नेपाली विकिपीडियामा छ। मेरो मान्नु हुन्छ भने समय निकालेर उता योग दान दिनु होला साथै यो विकिपीडिमा मैले आफ्नो प्रयोगकर्ता पृष्ठ बनाएको छु त्यसलाई राख्ने र बचाउने तपाईँको इछ्छा कुनै ठाउँ बिशेषको हिज्जेमा परिवर्तन र एक दुईटा टैम्पलेट बनाएर कहिले कहीँ फेरी फर्किने आशा गर्दै।

  • नमस्कार

--राम प्रसाद जोशी २०:५७, १ जुन २०१० (UTC)

{{Time}} को सुधार गर्न र अन्य जानकारी दिन अनुरोध[सम्पादन]

युकेश सर नमस्कार! मैले हिन्दी विकिपीडियामा रहेको टैम्पलेट समयलाई हेरेर नेपाली विकिपीडियामा समय बनाएको थिएँ जो मैले आफ्नो प्रयोगकर्ता पृष्ठमा लगाएको छु। मेरो बिचार यो विकिपीडियामा पनि त्यस्तै टैम्पलेट बनाउने भएकाले {{Time}} बनाउने कोशिश गरेँ तर बनाउन सकेँन मैले टैम्पलेटमा HTML कोडहरु सबै त्यही प्रयोग गरेको छु जो नेपाली विकिपीडियामा टैम्पलेट बनाउदा प्रयोग गरेको थिएँ। तर धेरै चोटी प्रयास गर्दा पनि नेपाली विकिपीडियामा रहेको टैम्पलेट समय जस्तो बनेन यसको सुधार गर्न आग्रह गर्दै छु। अर्को कुरा नेपाली मिति र समय देखाउने कुनै कोड विकिपीडियामा छ कि छैन? यदी छ भने त्यो कोड के होला? यदी छैन भने बनाउन सकिन्छ या सकिदैन? उचित जानकारी मेरो यो वार्ता पृष्ठमा दिनुहुन विनम्र अनुरोधका साथ।

--राम प्रसाद जोशी ०८:३९, ८ जुन २०१० (UTC)

मलाई लाग्छ मैले माथी लेखेको संदेश तपाईँले देख्नु भएको छैन किन भने मैले संदेस दिए बाट तपाईको उपस्थिती यहाँ देखिएको छैन हेर्नुहोस् सर बोटहरुको कमाल अन्य विकिपीडियामा भएको जस्तै:- ne:गणेशलाई यो विकिपीडियामा रहेको विनायक गा.वि.स.मा लिङ्क गरेका रहेछन् मैले हेर्न खोजेको त अछामको विनायक गा.वि.स.मा पो पुगेँ हा...हा...हा... त्यसैले मैले विनायकको अन्य भाषाहरुलाई खाली गरेँ। अनि हिन्दू धर्ममा गणेशको लिङ्क खाली पाएँ अब सोचेँ चित्रमात्र लगाएर भए पनि गणेश पृष्ठको शृजना गर्छु बाँकी तपाईले गरिहाल्नु हुन्छ। चित्रको लागी 3 चोटी अलग अलग नाम दिएर लाक्ड गर्न खोजेँ तर भगवान गणेशको जग्गा कुनै व्यक्तीको फोटो आयो। यसकारण आफ्नो मोबाइलमा भएको चित्र अपलोड गरेर लगाएको छु बाँकी तपाई आफै गरिहाल्नु हुनेछ भन्ने आशा छ यो विकिपीडियामा stubको लागी कुन टेम्प्लेट प्रयोग गरिएको छ त्यसको जानकारी बताई दिनु होला।

--राम प्रसाद जोशी ०२:११, १० जुन २०१० (UTC)

connectivity project for piwiki and newwiki :)[सम्पादन]

Hallo, my name is Anastasiya Lvova, I'm "duty" in Connectivity project. The essence of the "Connectivity" project is to study and enhance the coherence of Wikipedia, or, in other words, to improve hypertext navigation between articles. The project deals with deadends, isolated articles, non-categorized articles, transitivity of the category tree, etc.

We want to work with this wiki and piwiki, but we need configured pi:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for it (with direct links to template namespace pages, for example, ru:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/de:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/fr:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage). Is it possible to set it up for our usage?

thanks in advance, Lvova १८:१९, १३ जुन २०१० (UTC)


Dear Eukesh We’re looking for someone who could translate and upload on new.wikipedia this page. Can you help us please? It’s very important for us. Thanks a lot !--Aeron10 १९:५४, २७ ज्यानुवरी २०११ (UTC)


Hello. Could you translate some words to help with localization of your Wikipedia?

  • Robot -
  • Adding -
  • Modifying -
  • Removing -

Thank you! Hugo.arg १७:१२, २ फेब्रुवरी २०११ (UTC)

Request for adding Odia (Oriya) text in Pali language homepage[सम्पादन]

Dear Eukesh, I want to inform you that Odia language is also originated from Pali language and Odia script has more resemblance with Brahmi than Devanagari, so could you please add this text which says Pali bhasa in Odia in the homepage along with other languages originated from Pali language-> ପାଳି ଭାସା --Psubhashish १२:३७, ७ मार्च २०११ (UTC)


Welcome, it was my pleasure. I am a sysop on sa wiki, would be great if you can comment on my request for permanent Adminship here. My request is at last. Thanks. Vibhijain १३:४८, ११ जुन २०११ (UTC)


Hello! Would it be possible to translate in Newari this article about this important Indian journalist (preserving references)? [३] Thanks for all! Amiens984


Dear Eukesh sir, Please give your opinion on my request for adminship on Sanskrit Wikipedia. Thanks. -Hemant wikikosh ०६:१९, १० जुलाई २०११ (UTC)

Could you please help with Disambiguationpages[सम्पादन]

Hello, could you please help with the issue discribed here: मिडियाविकि खँलाबँला:Disambiguationspage? Mashiah Davidson १४:०४, २९ जुलाई २०११ (UTC)


Hello! Could you write an article about my town - Żagań on Newar Wikipedia? Only 2-3 sentences enough. I would be thankful. Saganum २२:३३, १९ अगस्ट २०११ (UTC)