चेदंयागु युद्ध

विकिपिडिया नं
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Eighty Years' War
Relief of Leiden after the siege, 1574
तिथि 1568–1648
थाय् The Low Countries
(worldwide colonial warfare)
लिच्वः Dutch victory
Peace of Münster
Independence of the Dutch Republic
Spanish retention of the Southern Netherlands
Prinsenvlag.svg United Provinces
Template:Country data Kingdom of England
Arms of Nassau.svg Nassau
Croix huguenote.svg Huguenots
Spainया ध्वाँय्‌ Spanish Empire
Template:Country data Holy Roman Empire

चेदंयागु युद्ध मध्यकालीन युरोपया छगू नांजागु युद्ध ख।