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मनिलाया नगर
Lungsod ng Maynila
—  Capital City  —
(From top, left to right): Manila skyline, Manila Central Post Office, Manila City Hall, Rizal Monument, Binondo, Malacañang Palace, Manila Bay, Church of Tondo.


Nickname(s): Pearl of the Orient[१]
The City of Our Affections
Distinguished and Ever Loyal City
Motto: Linisin at Ikarangal ang Maynila
("Clean and Honor Manila")
Map of Metro Manila showing the location of the city of Manila
मनिलाया नगर (फिलिपिन्स)
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मनिलाया नगर
Map of the Philippines showing the location of Manila
Coordinates: 14°35′N 120°58′E / 14.583°N 120.967°E / 14.583; 120.967Coordinates: 14°35′N 120°58′E / 14.583°N 120.967°E / 14.583; 120.967
Country Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
Region National Capital Region
Districts 1st to 6th districts of Manila
Settled June 10, 1571 (Intramuros)
Barangays 897
 - Type Mayor–council
 - Mayor Alfredo Lim (Liberal)
 - Vice Mayor Isko Moreno (PMP)
 - Representatives
 - City Council
 - Capital City ३८.५५ km2 (१४.९ sq mi)
 - Urban १,४७४.८२ km2 (५६९.४ sq mi)
 - Metro ६३८.५५ km2 (२४६.५ sq mi)
Elevation १६.० m (५२ ft)
Population (2010)[३]
 - Capital City १,६५२,१७१
 - Density ४२,८५८/km2 (१११,००१.७/sq mi)
 Urban २१,९५१,०००
 - Urban density १५,४००/km2 (Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ","./sq mi)
 Metro ११,८५५,९७५
 - Metro density १८,५६७/km2 (४८,०८८.३/sq mi)
Demonym Manileño (m) / Manileña (f), Manilan
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 0900 to 1096
Area code 2
Website www.manila.gov.ph

मनिला फिलिपिन्सया राजधानी ख। थ्व नगर दक्षिण पूर्व एसिया दकलय् महत्त्वपूर्ण नगरय् छगू ख। थ्व नगरय् फिलिपिनो भाषा ल्हाइ।


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