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उंचः धागु छगु कथंयागु नसा खः।

पश्चिमी ब्रासिका[सम्पादन]

Closeup of romanesco broccoli.

एसियाली ब्रासिका[सम्पादन]


मू पौ: उंचः
garden cress
Spinach in flower

Fruiting and Flowering Vegetables[सम्पादन]

Avocado fruit (cv. 'Fuerte'); left: whole, right: in section

Podded Vegetables[सम्पादन]

Diversity in dry common beans
Varieties of soybeans are used for many purposes.

Bulb and stem vegetables[सम्पादन]

Garlic bulbs and individual cloves, one peeled.

Root and tuberous vegetables[सम्पादन]

Carrots come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
Potatoes are one of the most used staple foods.


The Caulerpa is a genus of edible Seaweed.