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The template {{Expand}} has been deprecated since 22 January 2011, and is retained only for old article revisions. If this page is a current revision, please remove the template, or replace it with one that is more specific.

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Template:Hat Places article in Category:Articles to be expanded or dated category like Category:Articles to be expanded from अप्रिल २०२४ if date parameter |date= specified, and Category:All articles to be expanded.

If you specify the parameter "|talksection=" with the title of a section on the talk page, the link to the talk page will link to that section.

If you specify the parameter "|concern=", this concern will be also be displayed inside the box.

Note that {{Expand|section}} produces the same result as {{Expand section}}.

{{Expand}} should not be used on articles concurrently with stub templates - a stub template is an explicit request for expansion. {{Expand}} should only be used on articles that are beyond stub length. Template:Hab

{{Expand section}} should be used for sections instead of {{Expand}}.

{{Empty section}} should be used for completely empty sections instead of {{Expand section}}.

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