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global bots
(global bots)
* '''new:''' थ्व पौ बोट स्ट्याटसयागु इनापयायेत व बोटतेगु सुची देकेयात खः।
* '''en:''' Requests for the [[m:bot|bot]] flag should be made on this page. Since thisThis wiki doesuses not have athe [[m:Bureaucratbot policy|bureaucratstandard bot policy]], grantingand ofallows access[[m:bot haspolicy#Global_bots|global tobots]] beand [[m:Requests for bot statuspolicy#Automatic_approval|performedautomatic byapproval aof steward]]certain iftypes thereof arebots]]. noOther objectionsbots onshould thisapply page.below, and Thethen [[m:Steward requests/Bot policystatus|standardrequest bot policyaccess]] isfrom useda onsteward thisif wiki,there with automaticis approval of certain types of botsno allowedobjection.
==Previous requests==


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