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:Bot flag set. --[[छ्येलेमि:Dungodung|Dungodung]] १७:५९, २ जुन २००८ (UTC)
=== [[User:SpBot|SpBot]] ===
Hello. I would like to [[Special:Makebot/SpBot|get]] a bot-flag on this wiki.
*'''Operator:''' [[:de:User:Euku]]
*'''Purpose:''' Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links.
*'''Software:''' pywikipediabot framework via SVN
*'''Already has bot flag on:''' 51 Wikipedias, for example: ar, bn, ca, cs, '''de''', '''en''', es, eu, da, '''fr''', he, hu, it, pl, ro, '''ru''', sq, tr. (on German Wikipedia since 2006, with [http://tools.wikimedia.de/~interiot/cgi-bin/count_edits?user=SpBot&dbname=dewiki_p >67.000 edits]), look at [http://tools.wikimedia.de/~vvv/sulutil.php?user=SpBot&rights=1 details]
:Thank you! --[[छ्येलेमि:Euku|Euku]] ०८:१६, ४ जुन २००८ (UTC)
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==== Oppose ====
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