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१७:११, ११ अगस्ट २००७ नेपालभाषाव्याकरण.jpg (file) ५ KB Eukesh ==Fair use== This image is a covershot of a book. The coverdesigner may hold the copyright of the cover. This image is used under fair use, by which a low resolution image of the cover can be used to illustrate an article non commercially about the book.
१६:४७, ११ अगस्ट २००७ सिद्धिदासम्हसीकेसफू.jpg (file) ६ KB Eukesh This is a low resolution screen-shot of a published book meant for illustration of the book under consideration only, under fair use. The cover designer of the book may hold the copyright of the front page.
२१:४९, १ अगस्ट २००७ न्ह्यापं.jpg (file) ६ KB Eukesh GNU copyleft
१७:३७, १२ अप्रिल २००७ Nepal Nepali.png (file) ६५ KB Eukesh भाजु समितं खेंभाय् विकिपिडियायागु लागि देकादिगु देवनागरी नां च्वयातगु नक्सा