धुसः जीव

विकिपिडिया नं
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Temporal range: Cambrian-Recent,[१] 525–0 Ma
Individual organisms from each major vertebrate group. Clockwise, starting from top left:

Fire Salamander, Saltwater Crocodile, Southern Cassowary, Black-and-rufous Giant Elephant Shrew, Ocean Sunfish

Scientific classification e
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Vertebrata
Simplified grouping (see text)

धुसः जीव धयापिं धुसः क्वेँ दूपिं जीव खः।


धुसः जीव न्यागू प्रकारया दु।


न्या धयागु लखय् च्वनीपिं जीव खः। थुम्सं खें छ्वकी।



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